Texas Chicken And Burgers

Always Fresh, Never Frozen

The Client

Texas Chicken and Burger is a multi-state fast food company operating out of a philosophy of providing customers the freshest and highest quality chicken and burgers available in the fast food industry. They are dedicated to providing never-frozen food that’s free of all forms of antibiotics, growth hormones, or preservatives. With a rapidly expanding roster of stores, Texas Chicken and Burger is enjoying a rapid rise to success, and quickly becoming a public favorite for their delicious and high quality fast-food, sourced from ethically housed and fully-grain fed animals..

Our Solution

We wanted to match Texas Chicken and Burgers’ contemporary approach to fast food, so we made them a bright, flashy, and dynamic website. Eye-catchingly appealing high-quality photos of their menu offerings are coupled with a homey, yet clean and contemporary parallax layout scheme in order to tantalize the viewer, and highlight the company’s dedication to marrying immaculate cleanliness with epic deliciousness.


  • Contemporary, bright, and clean fullscreen custom web design
  • Integration with offline POS
  • Multilayered, uncluttered, and responsive navigation
  • Original, informative blog entries detailing the in’s and out’s of fast food
  • Mobile / Tablet / Desktop Optimization
  • Dynamic and fleshed out social media
  • SEO Integration & Online Marketing
  • Wordpress Blog Integration
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