Texas Chicken And Burgers

Always Fresh, Never Frozen


Here at Texas Chicken & Burgers, we don’t just make fast food.

We believe that fast food can - and should - be more; that it should be fresh, delicious, and full of that bold flavor that defines a true down-home, Southern style meal. From our heavenly fried chicken to our irresistible burgers, our food’s journey from farm to table receives a level of care and preparation that surpasses the usual burger joint. If you want to learn more about the path our food takes on it’s way to your mouth, check out our timeline that breaks down each step that we take to prepare the chicken and burger perfection that you know and love.

Fresh Ingredients from the Farm

All of our beef and chicken come from farms where they are ethically housed and fed a fully grain-based diet - and never get administered antibiotics, growth hormones, or other unnatural chemicals. We believe that healthy food is happy food, so we make it a point to do business with farmers and distributors that treat their livestock right, from birth to slaughter. Our meat always arrives to our stores fresh - never frozen - from a local distributer, every morning - so you know you’re always eating fresh. And eating fresh means eating right - which makes us happy.

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