Margaret D. Baisley

Attorney At Law


Expert NYC Residential, Commercial, and Artist Real Estate Advocacy

Margaret D. Baisley, Esq. is an attorney who specializes in real estate transactions in the New York area. For over 26 years, she has represented clients in buying, selling, leasing, mortgaging and developing all types of properties: from small cooperative apartments to multi-million dollar construction projects, from New York City to Montauk to Woodstock and beyond.

With offices in SoHo, she and her staff are experienced and knowledgeable in all phases of real property law and have helped thousands of clients with their real estate transactions. Her office also represents over 50 cooperative and condominium building owners in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and she has prepared Offering Plans to convert buildings to condominium or cooperative ownership in New York City. She has been active in retail and office leasing, particularly in the downtown Manhattan areas.

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