Machane Chodosh


The Client

Machane Chodosh is a Synagogue located in Forest Hills, Queens. Offering worship, community events, event hosting, adult learning, charity programs, and youth groups, Machane Chodosh makes it’s presence known in the Forest Hills community. They requested a website that highlighted the scope and variety of their clerical and social programming, as well as emphasizing their focus on engendering mutual community.

Our Solution

Our website for Machane Chodosh emphasizes bright images, and informative and detailed schedules that advertise the broad scope of their events. Informative, custom written content details every aspect of their services, staff, mission statements, and programming - providing an open door to the website visitor of what they stand for as an organization. By highlighting photos taken at their events, the website for Machane Chodosh makes the inherent vibrancy and life of the organization stand out to site visitors and exemplifying their ideals.


  • Custom design for Wordpress
  • WooCommerce platform
  • Streamlined, accessible design
  • Built-in calendar
  • Custom written blog
  • Visitor Reviews
  • Social Media Optimization
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